Moscow & St.Petersburg Tour

October – November –December 2014

January – February - march 2015

Two Trips in a month

(6 Nights / 7 Days )

The Budget Includes:

  • Visa Support
  • Air Tickets
  • A. Chennai – Moscow – Chennai
  • (OR)

  • B. Hyderabad – Moscow – Hyderabad
  • (OR)

  • C. Bangalore – Moscow – Bangalore
  • Airport Pickup & Drop
  • Hotel Accommodation (3 star) With Breakfast (Double Occupancy)
  • Lunch & Dinner at Moscow & St.Petersburg (Indian Food)
  • Moscow (one way by flight) & St.Petersburg (one way by train)
  • Guide Service (English Speaking)
  • Driver Service
  • Vehicle
  • Admissions to all Museums as per program
  • Russian Circus
  • Russian Traditional Folk Dance





























Two persons Rs.3,93,900/-











Your 1st  day in Russia (Moscow-St. Petersburg)


Arrival to Moscow. Fly to St. Petersburg. Hotel  check in. Dinner and overnight stay in the Hotel.



Your 2nd day in Russia (St. Petersburg)


09:00 – Breakfast


10:00 – Your private fully licensed guide and professional driver of comfortable, air conditioned vehicle will greet you at the lobby of your hotel.


You will be taken for a City Tour which includes such prominent sights as: Nevsky Prospect (the main boulevard of St. Petersburg), Anichkov Bridge and Anichkov Palace, the Fontanka and Moika Rivers, Kazan Cathedral, Admiralty, Winter Palace, Palace Square, General Headquarters Arch, Senate Square with the Bronze Horseman (monument to Peter the Great), Palace Bridge, monument to Nicholas the First, University Embankment with its historical buildings including: Kunstkammer, Academy of Sciences, and St. Petersburg State University, Menshikov Palace, and the Academy of Fine Arts. Along with way you’ll become acquainted with the history of St. Petersburg and the Romanov family. You will see and take pictures of the marvelous panoramic sights along the banks of the Neva River and the most famous and beautiful sights of the city center.


Private Canal Cruise along rivers and canals of the “Venice of the North”.


Peter and Paul Fortress Tour is the birth place of St. Petersburg. The fortress developed into a city under the rule of the Romanovs - the ruling dynasty in Russia from Peter's grandfather Mikhail until the last Russian Emperor Nicholas II. You will visit Peter and Paul Cathedral where nearly all the Russian emperors are buried.



12:00 –13:00 Lunch.


Hermitage Excursion - Includes the 4 buildings of this ensemble the Winter Palace, the small Hermitage, the New Hermitage, and the Old Hermitage. Observe the magnificent interiors of the buildings, State Halls, and the most important masterpieces of the Western European artists. When you are inside of its miraculous halls, you'll have a strong sensation of having

gone back to the times of the emperors. Depending upon your interests you may wish to visit other sections of the Museum such as the antique sculpture, numismatic/ ancient coins, the art of Egypt, China, Japan, Iran, and other Eastern countries. Enjoy the beauty of Savior on the Spilt Blood Cathedral, which amazes visitors with its mighty Group, multicolored "onion" domes, and magnitude of its decor. The interior has the largest surface in the world covered with mosaics depicting religious subjects.


18:30 - Russian Traditional Folk Dance

20:00 – Dinner

22:00 - Back to the hotel and overnight stay at St. Petersburg









Your 3rd day in Russia (St. Petersburg)


08:00 – Breakfast


09:00 - Your private guide and driver meet you at the lobby of your hotel.


Then set off for a Journey to Pushkin (Tzarskoe selo) - one of St. Petersburg's suburbs within an hour drive from the city center. You will visit former Tsars’ summer residence – Catherine’s Palace including the famous Amber Room - the 8th "wonder" of the World and Catherine's Park with its many beautiful pavilions, sculptures and ponds.


Peterhof Tour -Another summer residence of Russian emperors. You will tour the Upper Garden which resembles Versailles in its planning and, of course, the Lower Park with its incomparable Fountains. You'll be astonished by the Great Cascade with its gold-embossed sculptures glistening amidst springs of crystal clear water! Your guide will show you many beautiful fountains along with pavilions and sculptures that bear historical significance. You'll walk to the bank of the Gulf of Finland and see Kronshtadt City on a far away island.


On the way back to St. Petersburg you will have a chance to see the "not so touristy" St. Petersburg making a short Metro Trip the interiors of which recall palaces not subways.



17:00 - Return to the hotel

20:00 – Dinner

22:00 - Back to the hotel and overnight stay at St. Petersburg





Your 4th day in Russia (St. Petersburg-Moscow)



Morning Check out from the hotel at St.Petersburg


Drop at railway station and your Journey start to Moscow by Sapsan Train (Can we include – Superfast Train with little more detail).


Arrival to Moscow: Pick up at the railway station, Accommodation in the hotel in the evening & have a dinner and overnight stay in Moscow.




Your 5th day in Russia (Moscow)


09:00 – Breakfast


10:00 - Your private, fully licensed guide will greet you at the lobby of your hotel.


Tour of the Kremlin. It was the residence of the Russian tsars before the October Revolution of 1917. After the Revolution Russia became the USSR and Soviet Government moved in it. Now it is the seat of the Russian President and at the same time a cultural complex of many palaces, cathedrals and museums. You will explore the grounds of the Kremlin visiting Assumption Cathedral, where Russian Tsars were crowned, Archangel Cathedral, the burial place of the Russian Tsars, and Annunciation Cathedral. You will see the Tsar Bell and the largest cannon in the world the Tsar Cannon. You will visit the Armoury Museum; it is famous for the Tsar's jewellery crowns, orbs, sceptres, clothing, carriages, armour, and the collection of Faberge Easter eggs.


After lunch your private guide will invite you for a walking tour of the city centre. You will tour such places as Red Square and visit ST.Basil Cathedral the “ stone flower” as we call it, ARBAT street with its numerous, cafes and restaurants, souvenir and antique stores, street musicians and painters, the Alexander garden, home of a WW2 memorial.


18.30 - Russian Circus


20:00 - Dinner


22:00 - Back to the hotel and overnight stay at Moscow




Your 6th day in Russia (Moscow)


09:00 – Breakfast


10:00 - Your private guide will meet you at the lobby of your hotel and invite to have a Moscow Metro ride-tour. You will be surprised by the interiors as they recall palaces not a subway.


You will tour the Tretyakov Gallery which is the national treasury of Russian fine art from the icons of 8th century to modern art. It is one of the greatest museums in the world.


After lunch, your guide will take you to Tvesrkaya Street which is the main street of Moscow, dating back to the 14th century. In the 1930s according to the General Reconstruction Plan of the Soviet Government, it was reconstructed, widened and lined with massively imposing buildings of ( as we call it) "Stalin Empire” style of architecture.


At the end of the tour you will visit Vorobyovy Hills and enjoy one of the most spectacular views of Moscow, observing the city from the height of a bird’s flight. If you turn around you will face the magnificent building of Moscow University, which is one of Stalin's Seven Sisters - tall and grand buildings, looking similar.


17:00 - Your private guide will escort you to your hotel  .

20:00 - Dinner

22:00 - Back to the hotel and overnight stay at Moscow



Your 7th day in Russia (Moscow)


Morning checking out from the hotel at Moscow

Drop at Moscow airport.