Technical Coordination and Support

We offer technical coordination and support in following areas as given below. This has been possible because of our over 18 years of experience in working with not only Indian Organizations, but also various Russian and CIS R&D Institutes, manufactures of diverse industries for providing Russian technical translation, interpretation and coordination service. During this process, we have established good contacts with reliable partners in Russia, Ukraine and other CIS countries for dependable cooperation in different fields, especially interesting and useful for “Materials Procurement Departments”, “Metallurgy Departments” and “R&D Departments” of companies engaged in Aerospace engineering.

Aviation Industry

AVIAOK, Russia - is a diversified technology company engaged in delivery of application and customized solutions to a variety of industries related to engineering, hardware and software development. AVIAOK’s business focus and primary markets have included the leading Russian aircraft and automotive design and development companies, among others. 


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NIK Research & Engineering Company, Russia

Main areas of activities are

- R&D work on aircraft structures

- Design of integrated complex of state-of-art onboard equipment and other systems

- Strength analysis of aircraft structures including stress analysis, aeroelasticity, survivability, fatigue life and life cycle.

- Construction (structural) design and product manufacturability for aerospace industry.

- Development of technological operations and composite material production

- Render consulting and intermediate services to foreign companies and individual persons.

- Staff training.

Catia V5, Smartteam, E3, NX unigraphics and other software is used for design while strength analysis is done using NASTRAN/PATRAN, Abaquis, Femap, Matiab software. In-house developed dedicated software is also used.


NIK is a partner of ALASCA project in the frames of EU 7th Framework program devoted to the concept of isogrid fuselage structure development.


Cooperation agreements are signed with leading software and hardware manufacturer’s such as IBM, Dassault systems, LMS, MSC and others.


Welding and NDT technology

(Consultation and Equipment Supply)


Material Joining and Metallurgy in association with E.O.Paton Electric Welding Institute, Kiev, Ukraine (Consultation)


- Consumable Guide Arc Welding (CGAW) process for joining of round, rectangular or variable shape steel bars with cross-sections up to 100 000 mm2

- Welding of Large diameter pipe for Oil and Gas Industries.

- Mobile Rail Welding;


Non Destructive Testing (NDT) and NDE (Non Destructive Evaluation) in association with M/s Promprylad (, Kiev, Ukraine


NDT / NDE Techniques available: Eddy current and Magnetic Particle Flaw Detectors, Hardness Testers, Thickness Gauges, wide range of Ultrasonic Testing (UT) and Eddy current probes and other


Oil and Gas Industries


Coiled Tubing Unit for Oil and Gas Industries for various applications




Condition Monitoring of Steel Structures (Diagnostics of current fatigue condition and operational life time Of metal Constructions) in association with M/s Special Scientific Engineering, Kharkov, Ukraine by using Magnetic Structurescope, (Coercimeter) , EMA Techniques and Contact Less Thickness Gauges.


Magnetic Impulse System / Installations for

-  Collapse of bridging, prevention and elimination of arching, ratholing in metal bins and hoppers;

 - Cleaning and stripping the walls of metal bins, hoppers, silos, chutes and other surfaces from different hanging, sticking, freezing powder & bulk solids ( iron-ore, bauxites, charge, sintering mix, concentrate, limestone, burden coal, coke, mixed fodders, cement, flour, dried milk, sawdust molding sand, other loose granular substances and materials);

- For shaking hoses and electrodes of bag and electric filters for the regeneration of filters.


Supply of Russian grade materials

We help in identifying Russian vendors for supply of Russian grade materials (Steel, Aluminium, Titanium etc) of various sections/forms and sizes, as per Russian GOST and TU (Specification)

Please contact us through our contact page with your requirement, clearly giving details of GOST, TU reference, size and shape, quantity and port of delivery. We assure that we will respond within 24 hours and locate reliable supplier(s) in Russia or CIS within the shortest time