Russian-Indian News

India ready to invest more in oil exploration in Siberia

Indian companies plan to increase their investment in a bid to expand their presence in the oil and gas sector in western Siberia’s Tomsk Region. Such investments would also revive the local economy and restore services.

India keen to build frigates jointly with Russia

The Indian government has expressed interest in jointly building frigates with Russia, with the proviso that they be built in India. The Indian Prime Minister has laid emphasis on increasingly producing defence equipment in India, under the government’s ‘Make in India’ programme, with joint collaboration.

Russia offers to upgrade SAM Strela-10M3 for India

At the last meeting of the Russia-India Inter-governmental Commission, Russia offered to upgrade India’s existing short-range Strela-10M3 mobile air defence system (surface to air missile systems) to the level of the Strela-10M4 or Strela-10MN (night version), making it more combat-worthy.

America’s new nightmare: India, China plus Russia

Russia is avidly hoping for a rapprochement between India and China after the ongoing, high-profile visit of India’s Prime Minister Narendra Modi to China. If political tensions between India and China decrease, then the Russia, India, China (RIC) combine can begin to function as the world’s economic and a strategic powerhouse, getting the United States worried.

Indian company seeks Russian support to build ships

With India opening up its defence sector to private companies, an Indian company, Reliance Infrastructure, is seeking Russian assistance to build nuclear submarines and stealth ships, a newspaper report claimed.

India-Russia tech cooperation gaining speed

Moving away from defence ties, Russia has taken the initiative to complement India’s hunger for technological innovation. Whether it is in the area of energy, or water purification or space exploration, Russian expertise is coming to India’s aid.

Parag to have a ‘Go’ at Russian dairy market

Parag Milk Foods Pvt Ltd, makers of the “Go” brand of milk products, is looking to raise cheese exports and enter the Russian dairy products market.

Russian Helicopters plans new service centre network abroad

Aviation design and manufacturers Russian Helicopters will open servicing centers to form an international network, the company announced on Tuesday, joining exhibitors at a Moscow civil aviation show.