Commercial Relations

Trade, investment and economic cooperation between India and Russia has been
growing steadily. In 2012, bilateral trade increased by 24.5% to reach US$#
11 billion out of which Indian exports amounted to US$ 3 billion while Russian
exports were valued at US$ 8 billion. In January-September 2013, bilateral trade
amounted to US$ 6.94 billion. Exports from India to Russia amounted to US$ 2.33
billion while imports from Russia stood at US$ 4.61 billion. The two-way investment
between the two countries stands at approximately US$ 8 billion. In 2009, both
sides set the target of US$ 20 bn bilateral trade by 2015.

Priority areas for expanding bilateral economic cooperation are

  • Pharmaceuticals
  • IT
  • Steel
  • Diamonds
  • Aviation
  • Fertilizers
  • Infrastructure
  • Heavy engineering
  • Food products