About Us

RUSSTRANS was started in July 1995. This was when the founder of RUSSTRANS, Jayanth Rajan, sensed the vast potential for bridging the communication gap in future projects with Russia, the longstanding, time tested partner of India in various strategic partnerships and Joint ventures.

Towards 1995 when Russia started reviving and bi-lateral trade and cooperation was slowly being established between our two countries, RUSSTRANS was floated to cater to the vast potential needs, as on those days, Russian experts and businessmen spoke very little English or did not speak any other language except Russian.

Jayanth Rajan, Founder of RUSSTRANS, having lived and studied in Russia for almost 8 years and also being a near native speaker of Russian language with around 30 years of experience (including education period) of interaction with Russian technical experts in various fields, understood that it is difficult to get the right Russian translator experienced in translating specialised technical material. And translation localization also involves a comprehensive study of the target culture in order to correctly adapt the product to local needs. As such, not all Russian/English speaker may be suitable for specific translation needs. Understanding every client’s need, we take care to choose only the right Russian technical translator suitable for each project, who has been trained and has experience in a specific field.

RUSSTRANS has been providing technical interpretation services to various Indo-Russian joint projects starting right from design stage, development, production and up to field testing of equipments & systems, in IT testing, Banker’s training program, Pharmaceutical company auditing etc to name a few, for the past 19 years, to the satisfaction of both Indian and as well as Russian clients. Based on these practical work experiences, we have been able to deliver “Quality” translation of technical documents like operating and maintenance manuals, specifications etc. Our core strength has been in rendering interpretation service for aircraft preliminary design stage and development discussions (including avionics), aviation engine ground tests and flight tests for certification of the same. Some of the letters of appreciation and certificates provided by few of the clients will vouch for the same