RUSSTRANS is the short form for Russian Translation specializing only in Russian Technical Translation and Interpretation services and Russian language training to corporate clients, apart from host of other services related to Indo-Russian Cultural, Trade and Technology Cooperation.

Since Russia has been a longstanding time tested partner of India in defense, civil nuclear energy, space and bilateral trade, there has been ever increasing need for Russian technical translators and interpreters for bridging the communication gap during technical dialogues/discussions, negotiations, contract signing and translation of enormous volumes of design documents of JV projects. The seriousness of these projects require not just translators and interpreters with good knowledge of the spoken language but also people with sound technical knowledge and good vocabulary of technical terminologies in both the languages and good understanding of the culture of both these countries.

When it comes to technical translation/interpretation, even a native speaker may find it difficult, if he/she does not have certain amount of technical background and knowledge of domain he/she is translating or interpreting. This is where RUSSTRANS comes into picture to bridge the communication gap and for successful business collaboration.